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Healthy tips

Spring Break Nutrition Tip: A single fruity drink poolside can add 600-plus calories to your daily intake, says Zehetner. If you must have an alcoholic beverage, avoid anything that has more than one or two ingredients. Smart choices include wine spritzers, light beers, and rum and diet cola.

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Fueling Performance, LLC is a sports nutrition consulting company that helps athletes and active individuals achieve peak performance at all levels of competition through sound nutrition and fitness education.

There are essentially 3 variables that determine how we perform in various activities on a day-to-day basis: genetics, nutrition and physical fitness. We can't do much at this point to modify our genetic make-up to enhance our health and/or performance. Nutrition and Fitness are quite another matter...

Fueling Performance uses research-based nutrition and fitness principles to motivate and educate people in order to reach their goals. We have helped clients with fat loss, muscle and strength gains, hydration issues, muscular recovery, sports-specific training regimens and appropriate supplementation strategies. Our goal is to improve the health and performance of the people we work with - and we are very passionate about it!!

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